Sunday, October 27, 2013


Okay, so I just got home from school (time check : 9.27) because today is the final for basket ball at my school's event that I've told you. Both our school basket ball's teams got to the final, the boy's team in the third place and the girl's at the first place. So at the grand final for boy's basketball, there are between two very strong teams (dah!). I already know which team gonna win, and in that team I got someone I fancy (if you don't know what fancy means, it means like, but only like, it's like a fans). It's the player number 5, but sometimes I feel he's so cocky, but everybody keep telling that he's so nice. He's kinda perfect, he's athletic, kind, friendly, shy, and blahblahblah. There's a lot of girls fancy him too. The sad thing that he don't even know me. There's several eye contacts but that's just because I'm the supporter for his enemy, which is my school last night.
Other than that, I make some few friends that I didn't know was this nice. I used to think that they're just the joker of the school (they're also the senior), so I don't want to be near them, they sometime can also be so mean. But over the past few days, I've learnt that they're the reason why we united and support our school teams. And the school became more alive because of them. So I do kinda like them now.
The lesson for these couple of days is, eyes can fool you, so never ever just like or dislike someone just by their look and how they talk, because you never know them inside until you forgot all the things that you see with your eyes. Night night :)

Bella ~

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey, you know what sucks about today is that I realize everyone in this damn planet have an ego the same size as kim kardashian's ass (which is huge). OH! and congratulation to her for her engagement, we shall pray that her marriage will be long this time. Anyhow, today I'm pissed because my class couldn't even get a grip and just decide about something. And we're talking about color here people not the name of your child, everyone disagree but won't say what they want, when they ask me to decide and I did they'll protest. So, anything I'll do just gonna be wrong. Finally we got the color, I don't really like the decision but whatever they wouldn't listen anyway and someone gonna make me feel that I'm the one who has the gigantic ego and not him.
The lesson of the day is, everyone has an ego, it's normal but when you have an ego the same size as Russia, well that's a problem. In this world we don't live alone so get a fucking grip and push that gigantic ego of yours to your front doors and kicked it real hard 'cause that ego won't get you anywhere. HAVE A NICE DAY!

Bella ~

Sunday, October 20, 2013

i feel... idk

it was a good day but not anymore. i had a debate competition today and you know i suck. i dont know if it's really my fault but i know it's either the microphone's or mine. i practiced so hard for this, i slept so late i woke up so early. and bam, all of my efforts goes in vain bcs nobody can even hear my voice. the mic's volume is so small but only on my turn duh. the judges can't even hear me. but what really hurts is when we asked one of them how was i she said, "your arguments are actually good but i can barely hear your voice." i feel um idk if im sad or mad or dissapointed. but i think i always have problems with microphones. i had a speech competition before and i had a problem with the mics too lol. let me just cheer myself up by watching the video of ashton doing the rofl in the real life. i just cant stop laughing. OH BTW GUYS, ASHTON FUCKING IRWIN JUST FOLLOWED MY TWITTER ACCOUNT YESTERDAY!! so it was so unexpected bcs i was omw home from school i was still in my car and out of nowhere i checked ashton's twitter (i usually checked justin's tho) and his last tweet was like 1 hr ago. so i tweeted him to follow me once then i saw through his following list. there's this girl with "PLEASE ASHTON" on her twitter name. i was like dude he's following you. and then i see through her tweets and her latest tweet was "why ashton always follow people when im asleep" and so i tweeted her "HE'S FOLLOWING YOU" i scrolled my timeline for like a minute and suddenly i got a mention saying "HE'S FOLLOWING YOU TOO CONGRATS" and i was like WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FOR REAL. so i checked my interaction and i saw Ashton Irwin is following you and that's not the fake ashton it has this verified tick beside the username. i still cant believe it so i look through my followers and YES HE'S FOLLOWING ME. and then i look at his following and I FOUND MYSELF SO IT'S TRUE HE'S FOLLOWING ME. i was shaking and i got this smile on my face until i got home and my mom wondered why was i smiling. i only tweeted him to follow me once i think i got so lucky. I THINK WE'RE MEANT TO BE I MEAN HE'S MY FAVORITE IN THE BAND AND HE'S THE ONE MAKING ME
LOVE 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER SO MUCH (dont worry i still love the other guys) AND HE FOLLOWED MY BEFORE THE OTHER BAND MEMBERS DO. I AM SO HAPPY. im so sleepy. bye.


Thursday, October 17, 2013


HI! Bella here and I'm exhausted. I just got back from school and it's six pm now. And this is not the first day that it happened. I'm preparing for the school annual event and tomorrow is the Grand Opening, so I have to work really hard. The venue for my field which is Photography is at a mall, which is the same field and place I did last year. Seriously I'm really tired and if this event doesn't go as plans or better I will be disappointed, not just that I'll be pissed and probably kick someone's ass.
Oh and other than that the candidates for next generation of student body organisation are just... I seriously lost for words. When everybody works really hard, pushing their asses to do the job there some of them playing on their damn computer. I have no idea if they have been working and want to relax a bit but seriously get your damn ass up and do your damn job first. Last year, when I'm just a candidate I work my ass to get the job done and not just me but everybody in the damn committee and student body organisation. I don't want to compare them to us but like seriously, my teacher even get up on a damn wall and put a banner by himself, like seriously, you should be ashamed. Beside that, my mom just being herself and yell at me when I say absolutely nothing, so that's normal. I need to go to the mall to check up on the loading stuff from school in couple of hours and my body feels tired in every single place. I'm just praying that every hard work that we've done is worth it in the end. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS EVENT.
frustrated, tired, and confused at the same time

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i hate my teacher


Hi guys! it's me Grace! so right now basically i don't know what to do and talk about. But. Well. here it goes. So i guess today is hating teachers day. because. us and our teacher literally fought. he just so annoying! he congratulated us for not passing our test?! it was like i wanna screamed out loud at his face. but we don't scream at our teacher, do we? so yes. i'm still mad. that's all for today. sorry if it's too short :'( love yous! x Grace.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


oh why hello there. i'm mariska, and i suck at writing so yeah. i spend most of my time fangirling over a canadian and four australians that don't even know i exist. just because im a professional fangirl doesn't mean my life is all rainbows & unicorns okay. i get depressed a lot and it's all because of school oh god i hate school so much can i just quit school and focus on my fangirling life already ew. and also, i get depressed because i can't marry justin drew bieber, ashton fletcher irwin, michael gordon clifford, calum thomas hood, and lucas robert hemmings all at once. i dont know what else to write, ugh i told you i suck at writing. so, buy heartbreaker and all that matters by justin bieber on itunes? pretty please? bye. btw, i don't remember when was the last time i took a selfie and i have 2000+ pics in my camera roll so there's no way i'm gonna look for. so here let me give you pics that we (grace, me and bella) took this morning yay!

grace and bella trying to kiss me lol
we all wear glasses lol

bye muah <3

Not-so-boring Day

Bella's Story

So today, I had a music rehearsal for tomorrow's performance and the teacher will score our performance as our test score. We have to performs two songs, one is traditional and one is popular song. So for the traditional song we picked Tanjung Perak (it's a song from Surabaya, Indonesia) and for the popular we picked Pumped up kicks by Foster the people. Our group is a bit ... hmm... relax I guess. Our practices before wasn't so serious and I really worried. Today our practice supposed to start at 9 am but everybody except Grace were late, the whole group finally complete at 10.30 am. Other then practicing me, Grace, and Mariska supposed to do our "project" which we cannot do because our practice starts late. We finished at 12 pm then everybody except Grace went home. Grace is waiting for our groupmates Ricky and Floren to finish their futsal match because Ricky going to drive her home.
While we're waiting for them, we play omegle. And we choose the video chat, there's a lot of pervert on the sites like seriously, I don't want to see your 'thing' okay? so just keep them away from my innocent eyes :p But we met cute guys too and the funniest thing is we met a guy who act like our father, he said "don't show anyone here your boobs, okay?" so cute! And we also met people who faked the video chat so looks like we chat to a famous person when it's actually a video. After Grace went home I decide to watch some TV shows.
In the evening, me and my family went to Mega mall and eat some pizza. We ate Tuna melt pizza, a lasagna, and a cream soup. It's all good, but the lasagna, I don't know if it's because I'm full or what, but makes me want to vomit. It's too creamy and the flavor just blend, like my tongue is Indonesian, I want some flavor to stand out. 
That's all, Happy Eid Mubarak for everybody that celebrate it! And tomorrow I go back to a cruel reality that calls SCHOOL. Wish me luck!

(from left to right : GRACE, MARISKA, BELLA)


Sunday, October 13, 2013



Oops, sorry for being so rude at the first post, I didn't realize I haven't introduce myself. My name is Bella Victoria, I was born in Tangerang, 6 of June 1997. I'm quite clumsy, really weird, a total dreamer, and my wildest dream is to be best friend with Ed Sheeran, win an oscar, and married to Harry Styles. I love Fashion, One Direction, ice cream, Ed sheeran, british accent, tall guys, and Logan lerman's face. I want to travel the world, specially New York, London, and California. I really want to study abroad but we shall see about that, and I thing I'll study communication, I'm really searching for a scholarship, because if I have a scholarship my mom wouldn't be so controlling over my choice of study. My biggest ambition other than to travel the world is to met one direction and making a lot of money from what I like to do. That's all I guess.
Other than that, today I watch a movie with my friends, it was Runner, Runner . Justin Timberlake and Ben affleck are among the cast, and JT is so HOT. The movie was okay for me it was 7/10. Today's really fun, but other than the fun there was also grieve, my uncle passed away because of a heart attack and it's really sad. About two weeks ago his wife also passed away, I don't know if it because the stress or his not-so-healthy life style. Seriously, this is a lesson to me personally, that life is so short, and if you don't live every minute of it you will regret it. Byeeee